A family business from a modest background that finished beating multinationals

A family business from a modest background that finished beating multinationals

The name of Primor was not the result of a market study or a ‘brain storming’ session of creatives. It was in the 50s when it was not fashionable in Malaga. So its founder, Juan Ricardo Hidalgo Alvarez, followed a much more practical approach to choose the name of the perfume shop he was going to open in Calle Granada. In that small local the grandson of that entrepreneur spent much of his childhood and is now the current manager of the company, Juan Ricardo Hidalgo.

Who would have thought that this modest family business would arrive in the Salamanca district of Madrid? And above all, who would have bet on the victory of a local company against multinationals in the competitive sector of trade? The truth is that Primor has done it. Their constant reinvention and ‘low cost’ policy, has earned it the title of the cheapest perfumery in Spain. It has survived six decades and has become one of the leaders in its sector and its expansion has resulted with stores in the main capitals of the country.

Currently Primor has 70 stores. The Malaga chain has gone against the tide, as it has accelerated its expansion during the crisis, drawing on its healthy financial situation and the falling price of the premises.The chain began to grow timidly in the 80s and more robustly in the late ‘90s. It has long focused its expansion in the province of Malaga, where it is the undisputed leader with nearly forty establishments.

It was in 2010 when it left its homeland, and made it big, opening three perfumeries in Madrid. Since then the boss alternates between Malaga and openings in places in other provinces: Madrid, Barcelona, Valladolid, Seville, Granada, Cordoba, Almeria, Cadiz and Zaragoza.

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