Marbella to put the procedures in place for families who are willing to host refugees

Marbella to put the procedures in place for families who are willing to host refugees


Marbella Council, through the Delegation of Social Rights, has set up on the municipal website a space which enables families willing to host refugees fleeing to Europe to register.


Information can be obtained via the town hall website and an application form can be downloaded for placement.


Through this measure, those interested in participating will be able to obtain detailed information about the scheme.  Firstly they need to download the application form for refuge and assistance to refugees, and then hand it in at the Town Hall.


Users can find information for people or families who wish to be part of a census of families willing to work with the program by requesting fostering, sponsoring a family or as part of a volunteer program.


Councillor of Social Rights, Maria Victoria Morales, explained that, “even though we are aware that the reception of refugees depends on the central government”, in the current situation “We believe that we need to offer alternative solutions” , while at the same time she has offered to cooperate with the Executive to “coordinate the reception of people in our town “ she has also highlighted  “The supposed developed countries, including Spain, cannot look away and continue to act as though nothing is happening whilst this human drama is currently unfolds on our borders,”


Marbella Town Hall is part of the network of municipalities providing aid to refugees fleeing to Europe. The program coordinates the various citizen initiatives that are being put in place in the municipality by the Delegation of Social Rights.

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