Rajoy and Cameron meet in Brussels to discuss the EU and immigration

The meeting to discuss the referendum, requested by the British Prime Minister lasted half an hour. Cameron is also interested in the Spanish model of immigration, especially aid to countries of origen.
Mariano Rajoy, and British Prime Minister David Cameron, met for half an hour in Brussels, at the request of the latter, to discuss the future of the European Union and the issue of immigration in the colonies.

In the meeting with Rajoy, Cameron explained his plans for the referendum related to their stay in the European Union.

During those talks, the Spanish government highlighted its opposition to the British aspiration to reform the EU treaties to limit the social benefits enjoyed by Europeans who move to live in the UK, according to Spanish media.

Cameron believes that these benefits have resulted in a “massive” immigration from Europe, especially from the southern countries, hardest hit by the economic crisis.

By contrast, both governments agree on the need to change the EU institutions to enhance economic competitiveness, create jobs and generate growth.

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