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Benalmádena Marina presents its Strategic Plan for 2016

Benalmádena Marina presents its Strategic Plan for 2016


The Strategic Plan for the Port of Benalmadena 2016 is now a reality and this is due to the better functioning municipal company responsible for the port. This plan, will structure the different areas of activity of the Benalmádena marina over this year. The plan was released recently by the manager of the marina, Manuel Jimenez, and the mayor of Tourism, Encarnacion Cortes. The plan was defined by the manager of the Benalmádena marina as “a fundamental tool in order to improve both the positioning regarding the image of our port area and setting out guidelines for the future that will enable us to make progress in improving the economic performance of the marina.»

Among other future projects, the Strategic Plan of the Port 2016 includes attendance at prestigious international boat shows in order to promote their active presence in the most important industry forums. Visits have already been made to the “London Boat Show” and the boat shows in Dusseldorf (Germany) and a future visit to Stockholm (Sweden) is planned.

Moreover, the Strategic Plan envisages the creation of a new corporate website, designing a Multipost APP for mobile phones with which it seeks to present the entire range of leisure features and restoration of Puerto Marina in one interactive platform and a newsletter for customers and users of the port area to inform them of operations and activities.

The objective of this strategic plan is, above all to convert the port as a B from other parts of town and optimise our knock on effect. It has to be kept in mind that the statistics show that the nautical tourist stays longer on average than other visitors. Therefore it is necessary that the port is an attractive and functional place capable of projecting a positive economic impact on the rest of the municipality “, asserted Cortés.

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