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A company from Malaga is producing the world’s first purple carrot gin

A company from Malaga is producing the world’s first purple carrot gin


Esali Alimentación is a young company from Malaga dedicated to the production, marketing and elaboration of products made with the purple carrot, a crop with centuries of history. It not only has healthy properties but also culinary potential. A year ago the company won the Andalusian prize for Agriculture and Fishery, precisely for the work and effort in the recovery of this crop and the launch to the market of a traditional product produced with the native seed of the municipality Cuevas Bajas.

Behind the firm are two young entrepreneurs, Juan Francisco Pedrosa, from Cuevas Bajas, and Enrique Cuberos, from Villanueva de Algaidas. After a long process of more than a year of research and development, they opted to support and promote its cultivation, as well as for the launching and elaboration of different processed products of the purple carrot. There was a shortage of seeds initially and the best seeds of resulting crops were selected for production. The list of products produced today is already around ten. They are part of a line of healthy products including snacks, balsamic vinegar, caramelized vinegar, jam, cream and dressings all made with the purple carrot. Of the 150 tons expected to have been produced this year in the province, only 10 tons is marketed fresh. The rest goes to the manufacture of processed products.

Based in Antequera

Esali Food, based in Antequera, continues to innovate and has already announced the launch of three new products within a new line of the business. These are two gins and a craft beer, with which the young Malaga firm wants to multiply by eight their current turnover and stand at around half a million euros. The three new products coincide with the Fiesta de la Carrot Morá de Cuevas Bajas, where the cultivation has been maintained for thirteen centuries.

The carrot gin is named after Simbuya. “We have developed two varieties: one dry and one sweet, which we hope to introduce in the hostelry chain Horeca l and in different supermarkets,” explained Cuberos, to take advantage of the pull of the campaign of the holiday season.

Esali Alimentación plans to hit the market with an initial launch of 10,000 bottles, 5,000 of each of the varieties.

The second product of the new line of business is a craft beer, Cueveña, in tribute to Cuevas Bajas, also with the common denominator of the purple carrot, and of which it has drawn up a circulation of 9,000 bottles. Esali Alimentación, which destines the bulk of its products to the national market, is convinced that it will surprise the people of Malaga with these two new bets.

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