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Hidden among the olive trees and marijuana

Hidden among the olive trees and marijuana


Arrested in Granada one of the 10 most wanted fugitives in Spain, Briton
Michael Roden, accused of drug trafficking, was hiding in a village of 2,000 inhabitants.

Michael Roden 26 was hiding from the British police among the 2,000 residents of Alomartes (Íllora), a hamlet at the foot of Granada’s Sierra Parapanda. Among olive trees and marijuana, the drug trafficker of Redditch (Worcesteshire) nicknamed Dodge was missing since fleeing the English justice whilst out on licence from prison and serving a sentence of three years in prison for drug trafficking. Roden whilst hiding fell last November into the hands of the Civil Guard. The officers broke into his home heavily armed. Out of the 10 most wanted British fugitives in Spain he was the seventh to be arrested in 2015.

The operation, called Hoyo 18, started earlier this year. The investigators followed the trail of a gang dedicated to the international trafficking of marijuana. Based in the provinces of Granada, Murcia and Alicante; the organisation processed the drug in Spain and then moved it to various countries in the European Union. “Mainly, UK “ Army, sources said, detailing how criminals used the “technique” of Go Fast for transporting the goods: “They would transport the drug on the road with cars of large displacements, making it possible for them to overtake border controls . “ Although, sometimes they also used RVs, commercial vehicles and even trucks.

The agents, in addition to Roden, have arrested six others being three men and three women of English, Chilean , Romanian , Georgian and Spanish nationalities, accused of belonging to a criminal gang, drug trafficking , money laundering, forgery and illegal possession of weapons. Five remain in prison and two have been released with charges, according to investigative sources. The Civil Guard has also added that “The organisation vacuum packed the dried marijuana in the province of Granada, where it was bought and processed. To this end, supported by small farmers in the area “, After processing, the goods were sent to storage points for subsequent export abroad.
“The drug was processed to a high quality”, specified sources of investigation, which still continues, but investigations have paid off and resulted in the seizing of 30 kilograms of cannabis, more than 85,000 euros and 600 pounds in cash and pistols with silencers. “Five homes were raided in Granada and one in Murcia,” the same sources added.

With this police intervention, developed by the Civil Guard in cooperation with the National Agency Against Crime (NCA) of UK, Roden becomes the seventh British fugitive arrested appearing on the list of the ten fugitives most wanted in Spain in 2015. A document released annually by the British charity Crimestoppers, as part of Operation Captura states “This arrest underscores the effectiveness of the campaign. We have already captured 73 of the 86 fugitives on the list since 2006,” remarked Dave Allen, head of the international office of NCA Crimes. That implies a higher success rate of 84%

The first arrest came just four days after the publication of the list. Police arrested Shane Walford a former soldier of 38 years accused of killing a firefighter and father of two children. In April, Jayson McDonald was arrested in Amsterdam and Paul Monk in Jávea (Alicante), wanted for drug trafficking. In August, it was the turn of Anthony Dennis, also accused of drug trafficking, and Paul Buchanan, suspected of attempted rape. The latest arrest took place on 28th September of Carlo Dawson who was suspected of sexually assaulting a 12 year old girl.

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