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Is Malaga affected by climate change?

Is Malaga affected by climate change?


2015 turned out to be the warmest on record in Malaga and the second driest in the twenty-first century.
The average temperature for the year was 19.7 degrees, considered very warm, and rain levels were 340 litres per square metre remaining well below the average.Winter is here, but only in the collective imagination and the calendar. Temperatures this December have been higher and Malaga has had the second warmest year on record for the city since records began (1942).

It is not difficult to find the bees trying to extract pollen from flowers that should not be in full bloom and waterfowl, which are very sensitive to temperature changes, are not exactly wintering in the nature reserve in Guadalhorce. The twenty-first century has been characterised by a general increase in temperatures, except for the years 2004 and 2005. It is considered a very warm year when temperatures are above the threshold of 19 degrees on average.
To make matters worse, this year has also been very dry. 2010 was the best year ever for rainfall in Malaga, with a record of 1,207 litres per square meter when the average is 540.

Climate change has been silenced in the world because of the economic crisis. Having come out of the financial hole the issue has been left neglected. At the recent United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Paris, 200 countries, including Spain, signed up to agreements, and the new goal is to limit the rise in global temperature by 1.5 degrees to what needs to significantly reduce emissions greenhouse, particularly carbon dioxide (CO2). Indeed, the City of Malaga, has endorsed the agreements reached in Paris. This will mean that it is committed to reducing greenhouse gases by 28% by 2020 and 40% by 2040.
These guidelines have been approved unanimously in order to fully integrate the concept of energy efficiency in the organisation of the city in planning and urban design.
It is true that Malaga is an ancient city, where it is difficult to incorporate green designs, however the idea of green roofs as done in Chicago would help to reduce greenhouse gases.
Another of the agreements adopted is that the city of Malaga and its companies will be neutral in their emissions by 2030, i.e. no emission of greenhouse gases. Climate change is a reality and its consequences are so damaging that we should turn good intentions into action.

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