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Olive oil. Liquid Gold the undisputed king

Olive oil. Liquid Gold the undisputed king


For years olive oil has led the ranking of exports in Malaga and, for now, it seems that this will continue. Up to August, the value of transactions exceeded 226 million euros, with Europe and the United States as the principal recipients. Dcoop just a few days ago, the group based in Antequera and one of the main exporters of the Spanish food sector, signed an agreement with the US firm Mardoche Devic to turn the alliance into a global leader in the sale of olive oil.

Bulk sales are the bulk of the business, although in recent years there has been a proliferation of small firms that are also selling abroad such as those bottling high quality oil for the most demanding public, as Finca La Torre or Montexaquez Oliva, among others.

Edible fruit and nuts. Almonds and tropical blunt

The chapter of edible fruits and nuts is the second most operations recorded, according to databases of foreign trade. In the first eight months of 2015, exports of these products from Malaga made 153 million euros, with France as the main recipient, followed far behind by Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Portugal.

Among the companies that have cast their nets on the world is Trops, established as the largest trader of tropical fruits. 90% of the volume sold abroad, with shipments to 25 countries from all continents. Frunet specializing in organic vegetables, or fruits Montosa (avocados) are amongst other firms that have made strong advances from the Axarquía, trading in the international market.
In the sector of nuts include Almensur. From its facilities in Cártama it has been increasing its exports of almonds, already reaching 70% of production. The manager of the company, Juan Carlos Gallego, speaks of “great promise” for the future of this crop in Malaga and Spain, as only American or Australian almond market, overshadows Malaga.

Among the citrus fruits lemons excel trade. According to a recent study by Francisco Seva, Malaga accounts for 65% of the Andalucian production and nearly 90% of lemons grown in Spain are sold abroad, where they are prized for their quality. Turkey and Morocco are the largest competitors.

Machinery. From electronics to ‘kits’ for surgeons

Over 6,500 transactions exceeding 136 million euros are recorded in this section of Malaga’s exports and have a place amongst all kinds of manufactured goods. It sees the growth of start-ups competing with multinationals.
There are several examples of innovative and competitive businesses in Malaga. In the area of air conditioning, Airzone and their intelligent devices have been supplied to the United States, Europe, Mexico and the Middle East, which absorb almost half its volume.
Cardiva Integral Solutions, the Spanish company that was started in 2004 with the Malaga DISPOTEX, supplies from its plant PTA ‘packs’ for surgeries prepared with the latest technology.

Outside the statistics still are a handful of emerging firms with virtually unique products such as Pineda Mobility, which sells from Coin a “kit’que fuses bicycle and wheelchair and has already been distributed Europe and America.

Meat, offal and pork is gaining ground in the market

In the first half of the year, the food industry in Malaga was one of the highest growing in sales abroad, according to Extenda. Beyond fruits and oil, the meat industry also gaining ground with companies such as Faccsa-Prolongo and Famadesa.
In Malaga both companies are among the largest producers of white pork. FACCSA allocates 45% of its goods abroad, with Europe as a major customer, but exports to the Asian market is also gaining ground. A similar percentage is being exported by FAMADESA, which is a leader in Portugal and is also opening up to Asia.
Overall, Malaga meat products in 2015 have gone to Portugal (43.7 million euros), China (21.1), Italy (5.9), Japan (5.9), South Korea (3 1) and France (2.6).

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