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Opened in Malaga the first Andalucian surrogate agency

Opened in Malaga the first Andalucian surrogate agency

Universal Surrogacy Agency, announced at a meeting of the Rainbow Federation, that they will work with countries like Mexico or The Ukraine.

Although it’s only recently been up and running, the first Andalucian agency of gestation by surrogacy, also known as ‘womb to rent’ was presented informally to the assembly of the Rainbow Federation, a major provincial association for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender). Universal Surrogacy Agency, which has an office in Larios Street in Malaga, caters to those families (of any sexual orientation), who want to have children through their practice in Spain.

Pedro Luque, a spokesman for the company, stated that the way Universal Surrogacy works is to act as a mediator between the Spanish family and women of the other countries where surrogacy is permitted. Despite having advanced talks with contacts from The Ukraine, Greece and the United States, for now they have the most contacts is Mexico, a place where Luque recommends surrogates and although it has fallen in price, the cost can reach about 50,000 euros. “When a family decides to have a child, we explain the terms, how much it will cost them, and even help them to borrow money”. According to the head of the company, the final price includes all expenses. “The pregnant woman receives around 10,000 euros, the rest goes to clinics, lawyers and bureaucratic procedures in both countries. The agency, in turn receives 10 percent from the operation, “far less than other agencies,” he added.
A ‘ lawless ‘ activity

Gestational surrogacy is not permitted in Spain in practice. However, in other countries it is legal. It was recently difficult to enroll a child in the civil registry in Spain, because the mother did not appear in the legal papers. A few years ago this reality changed, and now you can enroll these children, as long as there is a final judgment of the country in which the mother waives any right to her offspring.

The high cost of going through this process and a waiting time of almost two years means that often the families need to borrow money. However, this has not put people off and since Universal Surrogacy has opened its doors more and more families are taking this step.

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