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Sovereigntist process in Catalonia

Sovereigntist process in Catalonia

In addition, he dissociated himself from any influence of the United Kingdom leaving the EU with the independence aspirations of Catalonia.
“The fact that the UK are leaving the EU has nothing to do with the statements made by some political leaders in Catalonia,” he said before insisting that “the UK is going and all that forms part of the United Kingdom and this has nothing to do with Catalonia “.
Regarding the visit to Brussels by the Scottish chief minister, Nicola Sturgeon, who was received by the European institutions to discuss “brexit” Rajoy said some may see good in this.
“But there won’t be any practical effects of this. We cannot change the rules we have been given,” he said.
The President of the European Commission (EC), Jean-Claude Juncker said that the British region of Scotland “has earned the right to be heard in Brussels”.
“I will listen carefully” to Sturgeon, said Juncker, however “we will not interfere” in a British process.
Sturgeon, who also met with the President of the European Parliament (EP), Martin Schulz, said at the end of that meeting it is still “too early” to know the future of Scotland in the EU but that the meeting was “a good opportunity to set the “Scottish position.

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