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The sun’s energy is illegal in Spain

The sun’s energy is illegal in Spain


The vast majority of self-consumption facilities in Spain are now illegal as from 11th April 2016 when the law approved by the Government of Rajoy came into force. Installations which have not been adapted and registered will be effectively illegal and may be subject to fines.
In a statement, the environmental organisation Greenpeace said that “the PP government seems determined to protect the interests of Iberdrola and large electricity companies with the regulations and to prevent further democratization of energy
The organization indicated that the Ministry of Industry “has not even detailed how to modify the facilities in order to comply with the complex technical demands required. It makes it impossible to fulfil the obligations it has set. “
Greenpeace has launched a collection of signatures to request that the Council of Ministers “agree an extension of time, at least until the end of the year, so that these auto-consumers are not outlawed and exposed to multimillion euro fines which could reach up to 60 million because of the inactivity of the Ministry of industry.
In the letter to Rajoy, Greenpeace wrote: “In a country of sun, it makes no sense to hinder citizens producing their own electricity, with a source that is renewable, abundant and cheap and could also reduce our dependence on energy.”

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