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Torremolinos streamlines the project of the largest shopping and entertainment center of Andalucia

Torremolinos streamlines the project of the largest shopping and entertainment center of Andalucia


The City Council wants to approve the General Plan including the mega-project which will include shops, a ski track and giant wave pool for surfing

A path has now been cleared for the future shopping centre of Torremolinos after being permanently halted after a decade in different bureaucratic processes. Torremolinos has stepped on the accelerator to pass the project as soon as possible before the commercial and leisure macroproject company Intu Properties intends to construct it. The venue, which will become the largest in Andalucia, will have a ski track and giant wave pool for surfing as the main features.

The commercial space will be located on an area of 195,000 square meters between the Convention Centre of the town and the access to the motorway, in the area known as Molino del Viento. In order to start of construction, developers are waiting for local council approval and a revision of the General Plan, which could happen in the November planning meeting.

In order to meet deadlines, the works could start in the first quarter of 2016 and conclude in 2018.
Pose a referendum
The municipal group of “Costa del Sol Si Puede” in the city of Torremolinos has asked the government team that a referendum be convened so that residents can decide on the future commercial center of the town. The petition would ensure that it is one of the agreements that the councillors would take into account to favour a vote of confidence of the City’s current mayor. The signed document includes cases where a project has a major environmental impact, the government team would boost public consultation in order to know the opinion of residents and act accordingly. This aspect will be discussed at the regular full meeting.

Promoters leading this project have already begun to meet with various local entrepreneurs to show how the different installations would fit together. Among them, there would be a great central lake presiding at the centre of the entire complex. Although they say it is susceptible to change they have highlighted the fact that it is a different type of project to what you can find in the region.

Intu have also begun to close agreements with companies interested in the establishment of this new center. In fact, they have already achieved one with Hamleys, the largest toyshop in the UK opened in London in 1760, and will open its first store in Spain in Torremolinos .The firm will serve as a magnet.
The investment will be around 400 million euros and its implementation will create 3,000 direct jobs. The project was reactivated definitively last March when Intu informed the London Stock Exchange of the acquisition of land of 30 hectares worth 37.5 million. The land seller was the British investment group Peel Group, the company that started the project in 2005 and is also a shareholder of Intu
Among the obstacles still to be overcome is the approval of planning, which is pending at the next plenary at the Town Hall. The first deputy mayor of the city of Torremolinos, Maribel Stump, assures that there is only a lack of some details. It hopes that the Junta de Andalucia does not hold back as has been done in five occasions because this time it will be accompanied by more detailed documentation. “We will present a General Plan with all modifications and corrections as required and as requested by the Ministry.”

After this approval, which the Junta de Andulucia does not intend to oppose if built in accordance with the new General Plan, there will be only two outstanding issues: Firstly, an appeal that has yet to be solved by the Supreme Court after the TSJA declared null part of the plan where the mall will be situated and the opposition of the business association ACET, which also filed two appeals before the Supreme Court but now shows willing to negotiate with developers.

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