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Undeclared income common amongst both employed and unemployed

According to a report on the job market conducted by InfoJobs and Esade, 18.5 per cent of unemployed in Spain have received some undeclared income, while almost a half are willing to accept ‘off the record’ payments. 10.2 per cent of those who are employed also admit to having received additional income. However, two in three of those employed or otherwise claim that this is the only option given to them by businesses.
Among the employed, one in five say that this activity is used to top up their salary after buying power fell in 2014. This was due to either the freezing, or even a fall in wages.
Other factors include the financial crisis causing an increase in financial dependents, whether family members or friends, but also the drastic reduction of economic status.
The study also found that one in three unemployed people received a job offer with a salary lower than unemployment benefits. Only 46 per cent accepted the offer while 25 per cent rejected on the basis of the low salary, and 37 per cent put forward other reasons such as being far from home or incompatible timetables.
While there are more jobs offers available (an increase of 35 per cent), secure work has still been hard to find and workers declared as ‘freelance’ have increased 12-fold since the start of the crisis. The creators of the report said: “Despite pressure from trade unions to increase wages. In reality, little has changed.”

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